Thinking About an Internship in London?

Students interested in pursuing internships in London met with HOD professors and London alumni to discuss the ins and outs of life and internships abroad.
Director of the HOD Internship Program, Kristen Tompkins (center), with six HOD students who spent their semesters in London.

“I think it’s such an amazing opportunity. You really learn a lot about yourself. It’s hard to get there but it’s so worth it, because you can really live independently and live in an international city.”  – Natasha
“This program is better than any opportunity out there with Vandy, because you get the study abroad cultural immersion type of thing and on the weekends you can travel but during the week you are having this completely immersive work experience. It’s a nice balance because you have the work experience in London and you can travel on the weekend and meet up with friends. It is such a cool growing experience unlike any other abroad programs.” – Aaron
Students in the Human and Organizational Development Internship placement process had the opportunity to attend high tea and learn about internship life in London. Students engaged in an evening of London culture, trivia, and questioned an expert panel of students who successfully completed the program abroad.
The expert panel shared a host of helpful information from how to get around the city, recommendations for internship placements, how to locate and select safe and affordable housing, and how to make the most of your time in London. They also shared the impact the London internship experience had on their development:
“You get a real cultural experience. It’s amazing.” -Shelby
“The work I did at my internship was so meaningful.” – Vivian
If you would like more information about the London Internship experience, feel free to reach out to these past participants via email as listed below:
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