An Afternoon with HOD Alumnus and Fashion Creative Director, Timo Weiland

An HOD alumnus and graduate of the Class of 2006, Timo Weiland, was kind enough to visit with current Vanderbilt students during his Homecoming Weekend trip and provide them with valuable information about the fashion industry. In addition to learning about his story as he began his own career in the fashion world and eventually created his own company, “Timo Weiland,” students can have a glimpse into his world as he shared a few personal vignettes and favorite NYC spots, detailed below.

Q: What would you like HOD students to know about you or your work?

TW: “As a creative director, I am constantly observing the world round me, getting inspired, and learning as much as I can from every situation, scenario, or interaction. I have a multi-faceted career that spans design, lifestyle, music, and business- but all aspects are interrelated and come down to interpersonal relationships and brand-building.”

Q: What are your favorite spots in NYC?

TW:  “Such a difficult question to answer! There are too many places to mention. Some highlights are below:

Favorite museum(s): Tie between The Frick Collection & The Cloisters
Favorite surf spot: Rockaway Beach @ 90th Street- accessible by subway
Favorite date spot: Lilia in Brooklyn
Favorite movie theater: NightHawk Cinema
Favorite bar: Acme or Loosie Rouge
Favorite breakfast meeting spot: Ludlow House
Favorite brunch spot: Marlow & Sons
Favorite burger: The Happiest Hour
Favorite staycation: The Urban Cowboy B&B”

Q: What is some advice you can give to students about things you did and/or would have done differently during your HOD experience?

TW: “HOD provided me with a phenomenal foundation for both the start of my career on Wall Street and after as an entrepreneur. In hindsight, I would have done more research and due-diligence prior to my HOD internship, especially for startup companies (now so many of them based in Nashville!). That would have ensured that I would be able to maximize learning from every aspect of the program. Take full advantage of all of the resources now available! So much more advanced and robust than when I was a student.”

Q: What do you look for in candidates who apply for jobs or internships? What do you think it takes to make it in the fashion world?

TW: “For internship candidates, I look for students that have put themselves out there in terms of extracurriculars, projects, and are committed to learning inside and outside of the classroom. We are a very all-hands-on-deck office, so we also look for candidates that can handle the fast-paced often highly stressful environment of a startup collective.”

Q: Do you have a funny story that you overcame to encourage current students?

TW: “When applying for school or a job, or starting a company of your own, it is crucially important to differentiate yourself in the most positive way possible- to really set yourself apart from the pack. When applying to Vandy in 2001, I was wait-listed (unfortunately hadn’t thought to apply Early Decision!), but was eventually accepted because the regional Admissions counselor remembered our very in-depth 1-on-1 conversation during his visit to my high school, Episcopal. Fast forward 4 years to when when I was applying for jobs on Wall Street through the Career Center, I had never seen longer lines for the meet & greets. I had minimal experience, only a 2-month internship at Merrill Lynch, but I took every opportunity to connect with Hiring Managers, Analysts, Associates, and high-ranking Vandy alum Managing Directors from each bank. I asked the right questions- things I genuinely was curious about- the learning experience of the Investment Banking Analyst program. With the Deutsche Bank Securities team, I felt a particularly strong bond and ended up as 1 of only 2 first year analysts hired from our class of 2006.”

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