3rd Annual London Tea Party


London Tea Party
The HOD Capstone Team was at it again with our third annual London Tea Party!

Held in the cozy Fireside Reading Room of the Peabody Library, students interested in interning in London met with HOD Capstone London alumni to discuss their experiences of interning abroad.

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With a round of trivia, a session of FAQ’s, and plenty of tea and biscuits, HOD London alumni shared firsthand knowledge to prospective London interns about the what is was really like to live and work in the United Kingdom for their HOD Capstone experience.

HOD Capstone London alums share their experiences and tips to prospective HOD London interns.

Interested in interning in London? Read what a couple of HOD London Alumni had to say…

“GO TO LONDON!!! I’m sure your internship in Nashville is fine, but doing it in another country with another culture was such an incredible opportunity and one I’d recommend to anyone and everyone.” – Elissa Hakemack

“Even if the work doesn’t match up with your career path perfectly, the opportunity to work in London and expand your perspective of the work world is completely worth it.”  Alex Grant

Biscuits and English Tea served for an afternoon high tea

For additional questions, reach out to hod.internships@vanderbilt.edu, and also, these past London interns are happy to help!

Alexander Grant alexander.t.grant@vanderbilt.edu
Elissa Hakemack elissa.r.hakemack@vanderbilt.edu
Charlotte Kwon charlotte.h.kwon@vanderbilt.edu
Rebecca Krieger rebecca.krieger@vanderbilt.edu
Lois You lois.you@vanderbilt.edu
Megan Mark megan.k.mark@vanderbilt.edu
Pauline Leeuwenburg pauline.s.leeuwenburg@vanderbilt.edu
Michael Mayer michael.f.mayer@vanderbilt.edu
Rebecca Jacobson rebecca.a.jacobson@vanderbilt.edu
The Queen made her appearance!