The HOD Capstone Internship is the culminating event in the HOD students’ undergraduate experience. The purpose of the HOD Capstone internship is academic and this makes it different from the typical vocational internship.

The HOD Capstone Internship is a minimum of 32 hours a week work experience with a weekly three hour faculty-led seminar. For the coursework that accompanies the internship experience, students earn 15 credit hours, 12 credit hours for the shorter summer semester.

The HOD Internship has established internship programs in six cities, each offering an array opportunities across all interest and industry groups. However each city also has its own special focus and appeal. For example:

  • Chicago and New York City cover a broad range of organizations such as finance, youth development, fashion, and media, and advertising.
  • Washington D.C. provides special opportunities to work with government and policy groups.
  • San Francisco provides opportunities in technology and tourism.
  • London, England provides opportunities to work in an international environment
  • Nashville, (Music City) has a wide range of music industry sites as well as healthcare and finance centers

It is the ultimate test of whether students can use what they have learned at Vanderbilt on the job and in everyday life.